Lovely hand crafted ceramics

julia 1

Hello Lovelies,

We are proud to present the lovely work of Julia Smith Ceramics, here in Brussels.

Julia creates wonderful pieces of ceramics, all hand made in Inverness, Scotland.

Her world is full of soft blues and animal images, from the hare to the bees and butterflies, her universe is an ode to nature. And at Studio 126 we do love to bring in elements from nature!

Enjoy lovelies!

julia 3

julia 4

julia 5



Pretty Pastel Style

pretty_pastel_cover Selina-Lake-Book-Fair-Wild-Willow-Flowerona-3

Hello Lovelies,

We are pleased to present Selina Lake’s latest book: Pretty Pastel Style. It is full of treats and surprises!

The inspiration is lovely! It is all about mixing and matching soft shades and pastels to bring life to modern interiors with a touch of that lovely vintage!

We just love it and the pictures are delicious! You’ll find the book in our shop in Brussels or you can order it and we’ll post it!

Enjoy the pictures!

pretty pastel style back cover cropped


pretty pastel images for blog

Banco retro y espejo vintage recuperado